Have Fun Playing the Slot Machine Joker game

There are numerous games to play online but there are only a few that give the players the thrill of enjoyment they are looking for. Mega Joker Free Slots game is one of the few and it is not difficult to see why. Even though the joker game is not meant for starters, you can enjoy playing the free online casino slots and get familiarized with it before you hook up for real betting.
Well, the game is enticing to play. The 5 pay line 3 reel slot machine powered by NetEnt is excellently designed for live gaming experience similar to that of slot machines found at the lobby of Las Vegas casinos. Aside from its graceful design, the Mega Joker slot machine game offers colossal bonuses and other features giving the fervent players sleepless nights.
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How to Play the Joker Game?

The multi-coin slot machine joker game has three spinning reels where your winning combinations are formed. You will be provided with a pay line for each coin you input. Automatically, the machine assesses your combination of symbols from each pay line immediately the reel stops spinning.
Technically, the joker game has three interlinking sections; the basic mode, the SuperMeter Mode and the Random Progressive Jackpot feature. Every player must emerge successful in the Basic mode to unlock SuperMeter Mode and consequently play the progressive jackpot. The Basic mode accepts bets between 0.10 to 0.20 and the players can choose any of the 1 to 5 pay lines. If you receive a match of three identical figures, you will have won your bet and you can now progress to the SuperMeter Mode.
In, SuperMeter Mode all 5 bet lines are selected by placing 20 to 40 coins on the bet. If you bet with the maximum coins you will be giving yourself of playing the progressive jackpot. The possibility of getting three joker symbols and landing on $30000 jackpot is what makes this game popular among players.
Even if you decide to cash in the success of the Basic or the SuperMeter Mode, the pay line combinations, the number of coins used to bet, and the values will determine the winnings to be paid out on Mega Joker slots game. Multiplying the number of coin to the value of the coin played will bring you to your total winnings on this online slots game.
Go and have some fun in playing Mega Joker Slot play online for free. This slots game is just as amazing as any other slots game in town.

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